Community Support Services

Pony Bird’s Community Support Services program is designed to enhance the lives of adults with disabilities both individually and within our community. We provide individualized supports to each person according to their goals. We work on social skills, independent living skills, communication, and coping skills.

Pony Bird views Community Support Services as a learning environment and strongly values connecting meaningfully with the individuals we serve. At our Herculaneum location, we create pathways for independence and inclusion throughout the community and give support where it is needed. Some of our community activities include going to libraries, parks, and recreational centers. Community Support Services also creates opportunities for a variety of volunteer activities which include the Peace Pantry, Meals on Wheels, Books on the Run, Kress Farms, and Open Door Animal shelter. Individuals actively engaged throughout the community key. We know communities are stronger when they actively include people of all abilities.

We also have a 2nd location at Baptist Park. Here, Pony Bird provides enriching services to adults with significant disabilities who require 24/7 support. This location is supervised by a nurse who ensures that medical needs are met. In addition to providing medical supports, we work with individuals on increasing independent living skills, communication, coping skills, and social skills. Here our community outings are provided on a one-on-one basis to ensure active engagement and safety.

Pony Bird is committed to holistic health approaches which believes that every individual is their healthiest when their social, psychological, and physical needs are met. We serve individuals with disabilities throughout their lifespan and identity appropriate activities to support each person on their way to achieving their goals.