Community Living

Pony Bird’s Community Living offers the opportunity to learn independent living skills in a safe, warm and supportive home environment that nurtures independence, self-worth and living skills. It also promotes opportunities for each individual to be involved and engaged in their community at a level they choose. 

Pony Bird, Inc. currently serves individuals from St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, St. Francois County, St. Genevieve County, and Washington County, Missouri. However, placement can be considered for individuals residing anywhere in the United States.

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We offer an extensive array of supports with various levels of supervision designed to assist people in living as independently as their abilities permit. A team of qualified professionals work with the individual and their family to tailor an individual support plan based upon their specific needs and preferences. Areas of support may include, but are not limited to: self-help skills, communication, safety/survival skills, domestic skills, recreation/leisure planning, community integration, academics, money handling and decision-making. Individuals are also helped to connect to their religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. 

Other supports available to individuals include: transportation, vocational training/employment, day program services, nursing/medical supervision, therapies and positive behavior supports. 

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As part of Pony Bird’s commitment to the holistic health and well-being of every person we serve, Pony Bird also provides comprehensive medical services as part of our Community Living, Day Service, and Residential Respite programs.

  • 24/7 Medical Oversight
  • Medication Administration and Management
  • Regular, routine health screenings and immunizations
  • Highly qualified, licensed professionals lead all health services
  • Works seamlessly with the residential team ensuring medical needs are met as part of an overall individual service plan.
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Every person supported in our residential, day, and independent supported living may access therapy supports so they may live their best possible lives.

  • Occupational therapies support individuals improve cognitive and daily living skills. Getting dressed, caring for self, hand-eye coordination skills, fine motor skills and any activity that promotes increased choice or greater independence are just a few examples of this vital support for individuals with disabilities.
  • Physical therapies help individuals maintain and improve strength, mobility, motor skills, and adaptation to their environments.
  • Speech therapies help people with disabilities to communicate and to strengthen the muscles needed for chewing and swallowing. For those we serve who are not able to communicate verbally, speech therapists work with individuals to identify creative alternatives to verbal communication.
  • Highly qualified and specialized to work with individuals with disabilities.


Every person has different dietary needs. At Pony Bird, we ensure that every person’s health and dietary needs are met on an individual basis.

  • Certified dietician oversees the nutritional needs individuals.
  • Provide individualized, delicious, and nutritious meals for every person, specifically tailored to every person’s needs.
  • For individuals with greater independence, work alongside each to help them prepare delicious and nutritious meals to maintain their overall health and wellbeing.
  • For individuals requiring greater supports, will specifically prepare individualized daily menus to meet nutritional needs as part of a comprehensive, individualized service plan.
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