1558470_851130068240294_7970923817696860656_nResidential Care/Private Placement
Private Placement is available for anyone that meets Pony Bird’s Admission Criteria. Residence within the state of Missouri is not required. For more information regarding Residential Services opportunities including services and cost please contact us.

Residential Care/Missouri Department of Mental Health Placement (DMH)
Individuals that meet the Department of Mental Health’s criteria for services are eligible for residential care at Pony Bird, Inc.

Pony Bird, Inc. currently serves individuals from St. Louis City, St. Louis County, St. Charles County, and Jefferson County Missouri. However, placement can be considered for individuals residing in other counties throughout the state of Missouri.

Fore more information regarding Residential Services please contact Pony Bird, Inc and your DMH service coordinator.

Other Placement
There are various agencies that provide funding for residential services. If you believe that you are working with such an agency, please contact Sara Hockensmith for additional information.